I am a visual artist, workshop leader and mother living and working in Oxfordshire, UK.


Visual Arts Practice:

I am fascinated by the landscapes, places and stories of those who have gone before us and the ones that we give to those who come after us.

I predominantly use drawing and paint and reclaimed textiles to explore ideas about inheritance. How we receive and process the places, lands, thoughts, feelings and objects (and the marks on these things) that are handed down to us. And what we in turn, both consciously and unconsciously, choose to pass on. As the fourth generation of my family to live on our farm, with my son in the fifth, my work often centres around this particular small slice of the natural world in which I feel profoundly embedded.

Reclaimed textiles have inherent notions of previous stories, often with coupled the intimacy of being associated with the body or the domestic, that can hold unique resonances; drawing and paint, for me, has a newness and immediacy that connects me to my subject in present, at that singular moment when my brush meets the canvas or paper.

Workshops and Kits:

I am passionate about encouraging other's creativity, and about the potential role for art and craft in our mental wellbeing and have worked as an artist and workshop leader for community groups and particularly support groups for those with anxiety and depression for over 5 years.


My Unwind Workshops aim to bring these together with fun, inspiring, creative workshops that focus on enjoying the process just as much, if not more, than the finished product. I hope they can be a harbour from the storm of our busy lives and minds. They are also a welcoming and accepting space for those struggling with depression and anxiety.   

During lockdown, when I was unable to teach in person, I developed a range of DIY craft kits that are designed to promote mindfulness through making, allowing you enjoy calming crafting moments in the comfort of your own home.

Society for Embroidered Work

Spilt Milk Gallery
International Feltmakers Association
West Ox Arts


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